In the second course of the Master, students are required to complete a Master Thesis or Project. This internship offers the student the opportunity to become familiar with the real-world bioinformatics, integrating all the skills and knowledge acquired along the programme.

Each academic course, the master coordinator opens an international call for research projects. As a result, a portfolio of potential Master Completion Projects with more than 60 projects is provided to the students. Alternatively, students can contact themselves other research groups different to those offered in the portfolio and propose possible projects.

The portfolio includes projects supervised by researchers from UPF and UB, as well as from different collaborating institutions. Among the years the master have created a network of specialized centers in bioinformatics, including research centers, private companies, universities and hospitals.

At the end of the project the student will present an original manuscript, written in the format of a scientific article, as well as a public seminar. The manuscript follows an in-house peer-review process. The evaluation of the master project will be based on the referees' comments on the final version of the manuscript written by the student and his/her oral presentation. The in-house peer-review process of the manuscript is intended to encourage students to publish their master theses in scientific journals