Institution Supervisor Master Thesis Project Student

Computational Genomics

CNAG Ivo G Gut Cross-platform imputation of genome-wide methylation levels Marc Elosua Bayés
CRG Roderic Guigó Characterization of Selenoprotein Gene Expression across Tissues and Individuals Aida Ripoll Cladellas
CRG Toni Gabaldón The causes and consequences of losing the respiratory chain Complex I Miquel Àngel Schikora Tamarit
ICM-CSIC Silvia G. Acinas Unveiling new CRISPR-Cas systems from the deep ocean Marta Ferri Peradalta
UPF Eduardo Eyras Analysis of the functional and immunogenic impacts of alternative splicing in acute leukemia Juan Luis Melero Ollonarte
UPF Marc Güell CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing strategy designer Marta Sanvicente García
UPF Marc Güell Developing a new methodology for the detection and analysis of accidental chromosome rearrangements produced by gene editing Júlia Mir Pedrol
VHIR Chaysavanh Manichanh Effect of fecal microbiota transplantation in a murine model of inflammatory bowel disease Marina Lleal Custey
Computational Neurosciences
UPF Mohit Adhikari Identifying distinguishing features of brain's resting state in patients of stroke in the acute phase Lydia Fortea González
Structural Bioinformatics
Barcelona Supercomputing Center Victor Guallar MC&MD coupling scheme to improve MSM convergence for the calculation of binding free energies. Oriol Gracia Carmona
UB Xavier Barril Can structural stability predict activity cliffs in protein-ligand complexes? Alvaro Serrano Morrás
Computational Systems Biology
CNAG Holger Heyn A single-cell atlas of B-cell maturation Ramon Massoni Badosa
IMIM Jana Selent Development and implementation of tools to study allosteric communication networks in GPCRs Adrián Morales Pastor
IBEC Benedetta Bolognesi Deep mutational scanning of an intrinsically disordered domain Marta Badia Graset
Web development & Bioinformatic Tools
Barcelona Supercomputing Center Josep Lluis Gelpí Measuring the FAIRness of Research Software Eva Martin del Pico
IMIM Jana Selent Developing web-based analysis tools for the study of GPCRs David Aranda García
IMIM Francesco Ronzano & Laura I Furlong Characterization of negation and speculation in Spanish and Catalan clinical notes: corpus annotation and development of automated approaches and tools Lluís Domínguez Mas
IRB Barcelona Francisco Martínez-Jiménez Patient specific analysis of clinical opportunities from cancer driver mutations Winona Oliveros Diez
Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona Josep Vilardell Ribosomal Proteins’ expression and Cancer Progression Helena Rodríguez Lloveras
VHIR Xavier de la Cruz Development and use of bioinformatic tools to identify pathogenic sequence variants responsible of inherited disease: application to BRCA1 and BRC2 genes Selen Özkan