Institution Supervisor Master Thesis Project Student
Computational Genomics
BSC David Torrents Study of the potential characterization of structural variants from shallow whole genome sequence from metastatic tumors in breast cancer Mónica Cabrera Pasadas
Center for Molecular Medicine Norway Anthony Mathelier High impact mutations are enriched in hsa-mir-26b cis-regulatory regions in breast cancers Kübra Altinel
CNIC Fátima Sánchez A Bayesian framework for the integration of heterogeneous Omics data Álvaro Serrano Navarro
CNIO Michael Tress Machine Learning algorithm predicts the functional importance of potential Alternative Splicing isoforms Fernando Pozo Ocampo
CRG Joao Curado and Ferran Reverter DeepFryer: A Deep Learning Framework for analyzing the Genome-Phenome relationship with RNA-seq data. Marcos Cámara Donoso
CRG Fran Supek Regional density of passenger mutations allows accurate classification of cancer type and subtype Marina Salvadores Ferreiro
ICM Isabel Ferrera Evaluation of the potential use of planktonic communities as bioindicators in the NW Mediterranean coast David Funosas Planas
qGenomics Jairo Rodríguez Implementation of an NGS data management system in a genetic testing laboratory Pau Rodríguez Sodupe
Sequentia Biotech Walter Sanseverino Composition of the tumor microenvironment in breast cancer molecular subtypes: heterogeneity in data type analysis Rosa Barcelona Cabeza
University of Purdue Peristera Paschou A Myasthenia Gravis GWAS in Southern European populations. Identifying the genetic basis of complex disorders through analysis of genomewide data Apostolia Topaloudi
UPF Eduardo Eyras Reference-free reconstruction and error correction of transcriptomes from Nanopore long-read sequencing Ivan de la Rubia Galera
UPF David Comas Unravelling the admixture footprints and substructure patterns of Iberian Roma Neus Font Porterias
UPF Eduardo Eyras Deep Neural Networks applied to splicing data Àngel Ruiz Reche
Structural Bioinformatics
BSC Josep Lluís Gelpí Structural and dynamics analysis of pyruvate kinase from erythrocytes: implications in pathology Luis Jordà Bordoy
BSC Juan Fernández-Recio Docking-based annotation of disease-related mutations for personalized medicine Dámaris Navío Maya
IMIM Jordi Mestres Identification of the core chemical structure in SureChEMBL patents MªJosé Falaguera Mata
Institut Pasteur Michael Nilgues Quantitative structural interpretation of protein cross-links and their use in structural modeling Isaac Filella Merce
IRB Patrick Aloy Encircling the regions of the pharmacogenomic landscape that determine drug response Adrià Fernández Torras
UB Xavier Barril Development of an automatic pipeline for participation on the CELPP Challenge Marina Miñarro Lleonar
Computational Systems Biology & Artificial Intelligence
UPF Jordi Gª Ojalvo Dynamical information processing by cellular networks Carmen Fuentes Rosales
UPC Ivan Herreros Cerebellar-Based Learning Model for Biomimetic Control of a Two-Link Arm Gerard López Roig
UPF Jordi Gª Ojalvo Modelling embryonic decision making at single-cell level Laura Mora Bitria
CRG/UPF Mara Dierssen and Jordi Gª Oljavo EGCG induces phosphoproteomic changes that can be mapped on a new DYRK1A network Lucía Rodríguez Vázquez
Web development & Bioinformatic Tools
Accelera Gianni de Fabritiis PlayMolecule: A portable and scalable platform for drug discovery applications David Tamayo Doménech
BSC Victor Guallar FrAG.PELE: novel fragment-based growing tool for hit-to-lead in drug design Carles Pérez López
IJC Mayka Sánchez CoDysAn: A telemedicine tool to improve awareness and diagnosis for patients with Con-genital Dyserythropoietic Anemia Edgar Sánchez Prados
IMIM Janet Piñero ResMarkerDB: a database of biomarkers of response to antibody therapy in breast and colorectal cancer Judith Pérez Granado
IRB Núria López-Bigas OncodriveCLUSTL: a sequence-based clustering method to identify cancer drivers in the coding and non-coding genome Claudia Arnedo Pac
IRB Patrick Aloy TargetMate: target prediction by integrating small molecule bioactivity data and identification of characteristic transcriptional signatures David Amat olóndriz