Institution Supervisor Master Thesis Project Student
Computational Genomics
CEAB Xavier Triadó-Margarit The European Gut Rabbit Microbiome: Insights into the intestinal health Gerard Funosas Planas
CRG Rory Johnson Insights from lncRNA subcellular localisation David Mas Ponte
ENS Lyon Didier Auboeuf Crosstalk between DDX5/17-mediated alternative splicing and chromatin marks Ainhoa García Serrano
GRIB Eduardo Eyras Measuring ribosome profiling at isoform level: a step towards unveiling the functional impact of alternative splicing Marina Reixachs Sole
Hospital Clinic Pau Sancho-Bru Network analysis of gene expression from alcoholic hepatitis Lluís Revilla Sancho
ICM Isabel Ferrera Seasonality of photoheterotrophic bacteria in the NW Mediterranean Sea: are phylogroups ecologically cohesive? Adrià Auladell Martí
ICM Silvia G. Acinas Biogeography profiling and expression pattern of the merA and merB genes retrieved from global deep ocean metagenomes and metatranscriptomes Joan Martí Carreras
IRB Núria Lopez-Bigas Mutational landscape and clonal selection in acute lymphoblastic leukemia from diagnosis to relapse Inés Sentís Carreras
IRB Núria Lopez-Bigas Regional Background Mutational Processes in Cancer Ferran Muiños Ballester
Josep Carreras Institute for Leukemia Marcus Buschbeck Bioinformatic analysis of the role of macroH2A histone variant in chromatin architecture Cristina Prat Ferrer
UPF Elena Bosch Signatures of Polygenic Selection in Zinc transporter genes in worldwide human populations Gabriel Felipe Rodríguez Lozano
UPF Eduardo Eyras An extended catalogue of branchpoint sequences reveal new splicing-related mechanisms in cancer Beatriz Ruz Caracuel
VHIR Antonio Julià Plasma lipoprotein and glycoprotein profiling of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis with 1H-NMR spectroscopy Mauro Alvarez Estarlich
Structural Bioinformatics
BSC Victor Guallar Improving protein-ligand binding mechanism studies by adaptative simulations Joan Francesc Gilabert Navarro
GRIB Gianni de Fabritiis Allosteric characterization of protein dynamics using mutual information Adrià Pérez Culubret
GRIB Baldo Oliva Predicting the effect of mutations in protein-DNA interactions by statistical potentials and homology modeling Alberto Meseguer Donlo
GRIB Jordi Mestres Impact of Small Molecules on Protein–Protein Interactions Andreu Bofill Pumarola
Computational Systems Biology & Artificial Intelligence
CRG Aaron New Extensive variation in retention and diversification of duplicated genes in a dynamical gene regulatory network Leo Madsen Choppi
GRIB Baldo Oliva Revealing the frontiers of using drug target and protein-protein interaction information to predict drug combinations Joaquim Aguirre Plans
UPF Francesc Posas /Eulalia de Nadal Unraveling the molecular circuitry underlying cellular response to stress in mammalian cells Pablo Latorre Doménech
Web development & Bioinformatic Tools
GRIB Jana Selent GPCRmd viewer: a visualization and analysis platform for GPCR dynamics Mariona Torrens Fontanals
GRIB Jana Selent GPCRmd: A database for Molecular Dynamics simulations of G protein coupled receptors. Alejandro Varela Rial
UB Pep Abril PlanNET: Homology-based predicted interactome for multiple planarian transcriptomes Sergio Castillo Lara