Institution Supervisor Master Thesis Project Student
Computational Genomics
BSC Josep Mª Mercader Evaluation of the impact of different genetic risk models in the discovery of susceptibility loci for type 2 diabetes Paula Cortés Sanchez
CNAG Ron Schuyler Variant calling in whole genome bisulfite sequencing data Eloi Casals Puig
CRG Rory Johnson Scalable Design of Paired CRISPR Guide RNAs for Genomic Deletion Carlos Pulido Quetglas
Hospital-Fundació San Joan de Déu Cinzia Lavarino Integrated analysis of clinico-biological and multiple microarray (omics) data of Neuroblastoma Alicia Garrido García
ICM Ramiro Logares Comparative genomics of unculturable marine flagellates: new insights using co-assembled single-amplified genomes from the MAST-4 group Francisco Latorre Perez
ICM Ramiro Logares Functional characterization of a prevalent deep-sea fungi extracted from global metagenomes Lidia Montiel Fontanet
ICM Ramiro Logares Global comparative analysis of prokaryotic and eukaryotic diversity contributing to oceanic photosynthesis using data from Tara Oceans and Malaspina expeditions Laura Rubinat Ripoll
Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute Francesc Solé Next-Generation Sequencing in Myelodysplastic Syndromes: Comparison of fresh DNA sample versus amplified DNA sample from tthe same patient Daniel Alvira Aguilera
Mint Labs Vesna Prčhkovska Context-based enhancement of diffusion-weighted images for tractography in Multiple Sclerosis Álvaro Abella bascarán
UPF Eduardo Eyras Fast and accurate differential splicing analysis across multiple conditions with replicates Juan Carlos Entizne
UPF Tomàs Marquès Admixture, Genetic Diversity and Relatedness in Captive Chimpanzee Populations Clàudia Fontserè Alemany
UPF David Comas Insights on the genetic diversity of Iberian Roma Carles Llorca Longares
VHIR Chays Manichanh Taxonomic and functional characterization of human gut microbiome in IBD patients Victòria Pascal Andreu
Structural Bioinformatics
BSC Juan Fernández-Recio Inclusion of Flexibility in Protein-Protein Docking Jorge Luis Roel Touris
IMIM Jordi Mestres Human Metabolome Interference to Drug Polypharmacology Cristina Leal Rodríguez
IMIM Jordi Mestres Food Interference to Human Endogenous Metabolome Irene Sanz Loredo
Intelligent Pharma Xavi Arroyo Drug-Drug Interactions using biological networks and including predicted targets Jan Huertas Martín
International Inst. of Molecular and Cell Biology Janusz M. Bujnicki Discovery of Yellow fever virus methyltransferase inhibitors by receptor based virtual screening Adrià-Jaume Roura Canalda
Mind the byte Alfons Nonell-Canals Chemical Navigator: A multi-layered chemical space navigation approach for drug discovery Josep Arús Pous
UB Xavier Barril A Computational Platform For Fragment Evolution. Serena Gaetana Piticchio
UPF Gianni de Fabritiis Dynamics of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) on Trp445Tyr mutation and URB597 inhibition Alice Ballone
UPF Baldo Oliva Prediction of the effect of mutations in protein-protein interactions Albert Castella Teruel
Computational Systems Biology & Artificial Intelligence
IDIBAPS Susana Kalko Multi-level, multi-tissue interactome in non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs) Lucas Michel Todó
UPF Jordi Gª Ojalvo Pulsatile dynamics of signaling pathways in yeast is mediated by negative feedback Elba Raimúndez Álvarez
CRG Luis Serrano termite: a novel detector of intrinsic terminators based on machine learning Samuel Miravet Verde