From UPF Inclusion we offer support to students with special educational needs. If you need us, we can help you for sure!

1. Contact and interview

Before starting the academic year, we will summon you to a meeting in order to settle up which support and resources you need.
If you have any educational need you can contact us at any time during the course except fifteen days before the start of the exams

2. Classes Adjustments

During all the academic year we will do a follow-up about all the settled adjustments: document digitalization, support and accompaniment.

3.  Exams Adjustments

We will deliver to you all the agreed and needed resources in order to facilitate exams realizations: computers with adapted programs, additional time, font size enlarged in the text.

4. Technical support and accompaniment

The university makes available to you all the technical resources and accompaniment that will improve your academic efficiency and will facilitate your stay at the university: computers, FM system, staff support, ...

5. Campus and docent spaces access 

You will find all the information about the entrances and accessibility resources on the campus.

When ending your education at the university, we will ask you to answer a survey form about the offered resources and services.

University Community Assistance Service (SACU)

Office 40.S23

Roger de Llúria Building (Ciutadella Campus)
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

 93 542 20 97

[email protected]