Rules and regulations of contest


Research in Four Minutes (Rin4') 2020


1. Purpose of the competition

Rin4' is a competition where UPF doctoral students present their research in a 4-minute oral presentation to a non-specialized audience.

The Rin4' project has three main objectives:

  • To encourage UPF PhD students to incorporate the most effective skills and techniques in transmitting and disseminating knowledge in an understandable way.
  • To contribute to future researchers becoming aware of the relevance of transferring scientific knowledge to a non-specialized audience, in line with the vocation for public service of universities.
  • To bring the science, knowledge and research that is carried out in the University closer to a non-specialized audience.

Participants can use audio-visual support components; however, it is the oral presentation element that is the main communication focus.


2. Requirements to participate

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • To be enrolled as a UPF doctoral student during the 2019-2020 academic year or have deposited a doctoral thesis during the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Be, at least, a second year PhD student.
  • Commitment to participate on the dates stated in rule 3.
  • First prize winners of previous editions are not eligible to participate.


3. 2019 Competition calendar 2020

The main dates and deadlines for the competition are as follows:



Publication of the competition announcement and its rules and regulations

2nd March


9th – 27th March

Deadline for submitting presentations (in informatic support)

19th April

Drawing of the presentation order of the participants

23rd April

Qualifying phase

5th to 7th May, at 13.00h o at 15.30h* 

Drawing of the presentation order of the participants 11th May


13th May, at 15.30h.

*The duration of each session will be a maximum of one and a half hours 


4. Admission

Admission to the competition will be made via an electronic application form available on the RIN4' website (, within the deadlines stated in this document.


5. Presentations

Presentations must conform to the following rules:

  • Length of presentations: presentations must be a maximum of 4 minutes long.
  • Content of presentations: must refer to the research that is being carried out in writing the doctoral thesis.
  • Language: presentations can be given in Catalan, Spanish or English.
  • Audio-visual support: presentations may include audio-visual support elements. In this case, the presentations must be submitted in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows (no free software, MAC, or OpenOffice).

And if the presentation includes images or sound, they must be submitted in the following formats:

Audio files: MP3

Video files: MP4

All audio and video files embedded in the PowerPoint must be sent along with the presentation. However, first make sure that the presentation works on a computer other than the one it was created.

Modifications to the presentations will not be accepted once the submission deadline stated in this document has passed.


6. Distribution of the participants in the various qualifying sessions

Students enrolled in the competition will be distributed into different groups that make up the qualifying phase. The groups will be made up of participants from different doctoral programs distributed randomly. In the event of unexpected events, the organization reserves the right to modify the initial distribution of the participants upon prior notice and upon the consent of the affected parties.


7. Determination of the order of presentations

The Rin4’ organizing committee will hold a draw to determine the order of the presentations in each of the qualifying stages, as well as the final.


8. Qualification for the final

A maximum of 12 PhD students will participate in the final, selected from the winners of the different sessions of the qualifying phase. The number of qualifiers from each session will be determined based on the participants in the contest and the number of scheduled sessions. The number of qualifiers will be the same for each session and will be announced at the beginning of the session.


9. Membership of the jury

Jury of each session consists of three members, who may be researchers, teachers, postdocs, former students or administration and services staff. The members of the jury will be chosen by the Doctorate School.


10. Evaluation criteria

Presentations will be evaluated based on their academic significance and the clarity of the presentation, as well as their capacity and ability to transmit and capture the general audience, in accordance with the following scale:





Clear presentation of the problem, goals and methodology


Simple language


Orderly structure of speech


Use of rhetorical resources




Dynamic and varied intonation


Moderated speaking speed and comprehensible pronunciation


Gesturing to support the ideas presented


Eye contact and empathy with the audience




Appropriate use of support materials in keeping with the content


Accurate time-keeping


Command of movements on stage




11. Prizes

The prizes for the 2020 edition of Rin4´ are as follows:

  • First place: €900 and the right to participate in the contest "Read your thesis in 4 minutes."
  • Second place: €600.
  • Third place: €300.
  • Special prize awarded by the audience: €200. This prize is awarded by the votes of audience members who have attended all the presentations of the final, and can be awarded to one of the three winners.

These amounts will be subject to the appropriate amount of tax in accordance with current regulations.


12. Contest "Read your thesis in 4 minutes"

The winner of RIN4' will be Pompeu Fabra University´s representative in the contest "Read your thesis in 4 minutes", organized by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI), with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and which the twelve Catalan universities will participate in. If it is impossible for the first place winner to participate in this contest, the second or third place winners of the RIN4' final will be proposed, depending on availability. So as to participate at "Read your thesis in 4 minutes" contest the representative of the Pompeu Fabra University must adapt the presentation to their bases, aproved by Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation.


13. Acceptance of the rules and regulations

Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of the competition´s rules. The jury has the power to interpret these rules and make the decisions necessary to resolve any unforeseen incident.


14. Participant responsibility

Participants will be responsible for their audio-visual presentations and will need to guarantee that the works included are their own or that they have obtained the necessary rights to use them. Participants will also need to omit any confidential data or information regarding their research from their presentations. UPF is not liable in any case of non-compliance of these points by the participants and will not take on third party claims.


15. Data protection

Pompeu Fabra University will treat personal data in accordance with the 2016/679 EU Regulation; General Regulation on Data Protection, and all other regulations in force in this area. The treatment of data and its incorporation into a file will be solely for the purpose of managing the RIN4’ contest, the "Read your thesis in 4 minutes" contest and the payment of prizes. Data will be kept while these needs are maintained and legal responsibilities may be derived. The identifying data of the beneficiaries may be published on the Internet.

Participants can contact Pompeu Fabra´s data protection delegate through the email address [email protected] They may also exercise their rights of access, rectification, abolition, portability, limitation or opposition to the treatment of their data by means of a written document addressed to the Doctorate School of Pompeu Fabra University (c / Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27. 08005 Barcelona).

Requesting to participate in the contest implies candidate consent for the treatment of their personal data as described in this document. Revocation of consent will mean the impossibility of their continued participation in the competition.