What is the pre-registration tutoring session?

The preregistration tutoring session is the student's personal interview with a tutor or the coordinator of the M.A., done before the on-line self-registration process starts. Without this initial preregistration session, you cannot access the on-line registration. In the tutoring session, the student has to choose, with the help of the pre-registration session form:

  1. His or her dedication: Full time vs. part time enrolment.
  2. His or her specialisation ("Language Acquisition and Language Learning", "Lexicon" or "Formal Linguistics").
  3. The track / emphasis given to the training (research, academic or professional).
  4. The courses to be taken, as shown on the pre-registration session form; an important part of the courses to register for is determined by the choice of specialisation and emphasis.

Calendar and schedule

In order to complete the enrolment process for the Masters Degree students are required to have an interview with their Academic Tutor for the purpose of helping them choose the subjects that are best suited to their profile. To this end, sessions will be scheduled for such interviews early in September.  Pre-registration session form.


12th september, 10 am, classroom 52.325

13th september, 10 am, classroom 52.325

Please, confirm your assistance by e-mail ([email protected])


Campus de la Comunicació - Despatx 52.701 - C. Roc Boronat, 138 - 08038 Barcelona