This Master's program is offered to graduate students interested in the practice of translation and the reflection on translation. In its academic track, it combines the theoretical orientation with the applied one. In its research track, it gives training for access to two PhD lines in the Department: Translation Studies and Reception and Literary Translation. In its pratical track focused on translating internships, it provides training in the field of different specialized translations (legal and economic, humanistic and literary, and scientific and technical) and in interpretation.

Who is it for?

This Master's Degree is for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies to improve their professional training and academic knowledge in translation, with a choice of two tracks. For the academic track, the Degree combines theoretical and applied approaches. For those interested in research, students take the necessary steps to be able to access to two different PhD programs in the Department: the one for Translation Studies and the one for Literary Translation and its Reception. On its professional training track, the Master's Degree offers translator training in various specialized translations (humanities & literature, science & technology, and legal & economic translation) and in interpreting. There are three Profiles (tracks) and three Options to choose from.

Annually 40 places are offered.

Career prospects

  • General translation.
  • Specialized translation.
  • Interpreting.
  • Linguistic mediation in institutions.
  • The teaching of translation and interpretation.
  • The teaching of foreign languages.
  • Research into general and specialized translation.


There are two types of courses:

  • Compulsory subjects
  • Elective courses


The subjects are distributed in 6 subjects:
M1 - Translation Methodology
M2 - Specialized Translation
M3 - Interpretation
M4 - Theoretical Perspectives and Translation Research
M5 - Translation projects
M6 - Master's Thesis

Scholarships and grants

The Department of Translation and Language Sciences and the University Institute for Applied Linguistics, may offer study aid (registration and remuneration) for students doing the master's degree, associated with teaching support internships or research tasks. More information