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Rissech Roig, Daniel

Daniel Rissech is a doctoral candidate in the MEDIUM group at the Department of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University. He graduated in Film and Audiovisuals from ESCAC University and holds a Master's degree in Secondary and High School Teacher Training, Vocational Training, and Language Teaching with a specialization in English from Ramon Llull University. He works as a teacher in the Degree in Game Design and Production and the Degree in Audiovisual Media at the Tecnocampus Foundation (UPF), in the Degree in Game Development at ENTI (UB), in the Master's Degree in Audiovisual Screenwriting (UB-UdL-GAC), and in training centers such as LCI, Plató de Cine, or iFP Planeta. He is a screenwriter for both non-fiction and fiction television formats, feature films, and has released more than a dozen video games.

Research lines: video games narrative design, independent video games and retro video games, and design trends in video games.