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Pablo Andrada Sola is Master of Social Sciences mentions Modernization of Sociology of the University of Chile, and journalist and bachelor in Social Communication at the same university. He worked in Chile as journalist in the environmental NGO Oceana, responsible regional of communication of kindergarten of Foundation Integra, producer of company of theater and dance company’s and correspondent in Chile and Spain to the program “Not touch Nada” of oceans radio in Uruguay. For six years, he taught in the postgrad program of Public Policy at the University of Chile. Currently is PhD candidate in communication at the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, ​​and fellow of the National Commission of Science and Technology of Chile, Conicyt. His doctoral thesis deals about the teacher training in media education in childhood education in Chile.

Along with his thesis, he is collaborating in the preparation of questionnaires about media education with the professor Joan Ferrés. Besides that, is co-investigator in the projects “Map of film studios in Chile (2005-2015)” and “Radiography of audio-visual referents of Chilean adolescents”, both funded by the Ministry of Culture of Chile.

Research lines

His research lines are communication and education, media literacy, the cultural studies in media and reception studies.