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Departament de Comunicació
Comunicació Audiovisual

Predoctoral Researcher at MEDIUM Research Group and student at the PhD in Communication of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). She has a bachelor’s degree in Political and Administration Sciences (UPF, 2016), with a specialization in International Relations. She also holds a master’s degree in international studies on Power, Media, and Difference (UPF, 2018).

She has an extensive professional experience in managing European projects and fundraising at non-profit organizations. She also worked in the public sector, attracting foreign investment, as well as in the private sector, as a project manager, and as a strategy & operations consultant.

She is currently working on her doctoral thesis about the construction of the gamer identity through gender and social class. She presented in some international congress such as IAMCR and is an active member of the work team of the PLATCOM (2020-23) and Work On Demand (WOD, 2020-22) research projects.


Research lines

- Game Studies

- Gender

- Social Class

- Popular Culture

- Youth Studies



Vilasís-Pamos, J. & Pires, F. (2021). How do teens define what it means to be a gamer? Mapping teens’ video game practices and cultural imaginaries from a gender and sociocultural perspective. Information, Communication & Society. Online first.

Pires, F., Vilasís-Pamos, J., Alvarez-Cueva, P., Anglada-Pujol, O. (2020). Las prácticas de copresencia durante la COVID-19: co-playing en plataformas online [Co-presence practices during COVID-19: co-playing within online platforms]. (21), 57-66.