Different academic activities will be organized in the first term of the 2022-2023 academic year. These are face-to-face mandatory activities:

  1. A PhD course delivered by an international renowned professor (26h).

  2. Three methodological sessions delivered by different UPF Law professors (6h). One session will be focus on the preparation of the research project.


Activities of the PhD in Law Activities of the PhD in Law

Other mandatory activities Other mandatory activities

Along the year other training activities, that are also mandatory, are going to be held:

  1. In the first two academic courses Students must assist every year to a minimum of 5 seminars of his own choice from those organized by the Law Department (10 h. +10 h.). In order to prove attendances please bring the information indicated in this form.
  2. In the third term of the year there will be a PhD Conference to provide the opportunity to doctoral students to present some aspect of their research project and at the same time debate and exchange ideas with the other PhD Students of the program.

Research project Research project