More electronics manuals, books and articles during the confinement period due to COVID-19

More electronics manuals, books and articles during the confinement period due to COVID-19

Many publishers have opened their electronic collections during the confinement period



Due to the impact of COVID-19, some publishers have partially opened their electronic collections, which are added to our Digital Library

Here is a list of the proposals we have received. They will be updated as new ones arrive.


Multidisciplinary database with more than 6,400 magazines and full-text books. It has more than 77,000 videos from the news agency Associated Press with recordings from 1930 until now.


Open access to its entire collection of journals specializing in biomedicine, physical sciences and social sciences.

Library online


Partial access to its catalog of publications, where you can find textbooks, books and reference works on a wide variety of subjects.


Access to more than 85.000 ebooks published between 1658 and 2016, subjects: humanities, social sciences, law and science and technology. To see them, clic on Publications and select By date (filter on the right) : 1658-2016.



  • JSTOR 
    More book and journal titles on open access in this database specialized in humanities and social sciences.


Access to the OECD publications and also from other institutions as International Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Agency, PISA programme and the International Transport FORUM.  Multidisciplinary, it includes more than 1,800 books, also journals and 26 statistical databases.


Digital and interactive access to the virtual kiosk with more than 7,000 magazines and newspapers on various topics, from 120 countries and in more than 60 languages. See the list of publications from Spain (197 magazines and 75 newspapers).


The platform with which we have contract access to more than 2,000 journals and 1,400 books on a multidisciplinary subjects (with special emphasis on medicine, science and technology) now offers us free access to all of their textbooks. Also to a specific portal where all information related to COVID-19 is centralized.

Free and open access to scientific papers about COVID-19.

Open access to books and papers about COVID-19.