General Information

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Translation and Language Sciences

I teach in the Double bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting and Applied Languages, as a final project supervisor. 

I am involved as a lecturer and academic advisor in the Master's in Translation Studies, and also in the Doctoral Programme of the Department

I am a member of GEDIT (Discourse and Translation Studies), part of TRADILEX (Translation, Discourse and Lexicography; 2021 SGR 00952).

Since June 4th, 2018 I am the Head of Department.

Reseach interests

Translation Studies, product-based (printed and digital media). I analyse text-based phenomena with concepts and methods from the relevant linguistics branches. My latest research is in the pragmatics of translated fiction (fictive orality, language style and identity, speech representation forms, evaluation). My working languages are English, Catalan and Spanish. I have collaborated in projects involving other languages (German, Croatian, Chinese).  

Language description and comparison. I'm interested in the differences between languages --grammatical, lexical or rhetorical-- that constrain translation decisions.  

PhD supervision: I'm currently supervising three dissertations:

Amy Hochberg (co-supervised with Mario Bisiada), cross-linguistic and cross-cultural pragmatic issues in health information websites. Estimated viva in September 2023 

Lu Yue, on rhetorical differences in localised e-commerce websites Spain-China, using corpus tools and manual annotation of evaluation resources. 

Ma Xueshuo, on the use of translation tasks to promote intercultural competence in postgraduate translation students. 

Master's Theses supervision. I regularly supervise Master's dissertations on topics where concepts and categories from linguistics can be applied to the study of translation and crosslinguistic communication in a wide range of genres, including digital ones. Check the "Other activities" section under "Research". 

Translator training

I co-authored the Manual de Traducció anglès-català, a handbook of translation from English into Catalan. With my colleague Dídac Pujol I have developed a self-learning platform for undergraduate students of translation (unfortunately in need of technical updating). I developed a corpus of learner translations English-Catalan tagged for POS and translation errors. 


Traducció i Ciències del Llenguatge

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