4. Kaleidoscope

The challenges of the pandemic

Jordi Galí

Helicopter money: The time is now

Jordi Galí, full professor in the Departament of Economics and Business and director of the International Economics Research Center (CREI-UPF)

Juana Díez

Keys to beat SARS-CoV-2

Juana Díez, group leader of the Molecular Virology Lab and Andreas Meyerhans, group leader of the Infection Biology Lab at the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences

Zenia Hellgren

When confinement is a privilege

Zenia Hellgren, Professor in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Senior Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration (GRITIM-UPF)

Àngel Lozano

The networks that hold us

Àngel Lozano, professor in the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at UPF and head of the Wireless & Secure Communications (WiSeCom) Research Group

Gema Revuelta

COVID-19: Chronicle of a message not foretold

Gema Revuelta, profesor in the Departament of Experimental and Health Sciences and director of the Studies Center in Science, Communication and Society (CCS-UPF)

Jose Luis Martí

Global governance of the great planetary challenges in the post-Covid-19 era

Josep Lluís Martí, professor in the Department of Law and vice-rector for innovation projects

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