The preventive actions carried out by the Pompeu Fabra University, in collaboration with the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency, have allowed the institution to be fully operational again.

After detecting an attempted cyber-attack, the University has taken preventive measures to ensure the proper functioning of the IT infrastructure.

These measures were activated after the technological monitoring tools available to the UPF alerted of an anomalous operation in the system. The speed with which decisions were taken was key to minimising the risks and potential impact on university life.

The management team would like to thank the entire university community for their understanding, taking into account the time of the academic year in which we find ourselves. It would also like to highlight and thank the dedication and effort of all the people who have helped to resolve the incident as quickly as possible. In this regard, it is important to note that the University has maintained the planned teaching activity despite the limited network connectivity.

Finally, the management team would like to remind all members of the university community that in order to regain access to the network it is necessary to reset the Global Campus password. The instructions for this are published on the Global Campus access website.