Vés enrere PhD Researcher, Danilo Reyes-Lillo, and senior DigiDoc members, Dr. Alejandro Morales, and Dr. Cristòfol Rovira, published a new article

PhD Researcher, Danilo Reyes-Lillo, and senior DigiDoc members, Dr. Alejandro Morales, and Dr. Cristòfol Rovira, published a new article

The article, Reliability of Domain Authority Scores Calculated by Moz, Semrush, and Ahrefs, was published in the new volume of, El Profesional de la Información


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According to this article's abstract: 


"Search engine optimization (SEO), the practice of improving website visibility on search engines, faces the considerable challenges posed by the opacity of Google’s relevance ranking algorithm. Attempts at understanding how this algorithm operates have generated a sizeable number of studies in the worlds of both business and academia. Indeed, this research tradition has managed to present strong evidence regarding the participation of certain factors and their relative importance. For instance, there is a widespread consensus that domain authority is one of the key factors in optimizing positioning. This study seeks to determine the reliability of the domain authority scores provided by three leading platforms for SEO professionals: Moz’s Domain Authority, Semrush’s Authority Score, and Ahrefs’ Domain Rating, values obtained using different indices and applying different procedures. We hypothesize that the degree of coincidence is high, allowing us to deduce that the three tools are, therefore, highly reliable. The method of data triangulation is used to compare the values from these three sources. The degree of coincidence is determined using a statistical analysis based on Spearman’s correlation coefficient (rho). The sample of domains analyzed was selected from 61 neutral queries, which provided 16,937 results and a total of 3,151 domains. When examining the tools in pairs, the correlation coefficients obtained were above 0.9 in all cases. The rho coefficient of the global analysis was also 0.9. This confirms our hypothesis and demonstrates that the three platforms can be considered as providing reliable data. These results are clearly relevant given that SEO professionals depend heavily on domain authority values in their work, and the degree of reliability detected ensures that decision-making based on this indicator can be undertaken with confidence".

This article is part of the project, Parameters and strategies to increase the relevance of media and digital communication in society: curation, visualization and visibility (Cuvicom). PID2021-123579OB-I00, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Micinn) (España).

It can be found in the recent edition of  EL Profesional de la Información.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.3145/epi.2023.jul.03

Dataset: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8025045



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