At DigiDoc we carry out a process of constant reflection regarding the development, implications and effects of our scientific production, in order to assume the responsibility inherent in our research.

This process implies, on the one hand, the understanding and anticipation of the possible impacts of our research. On the other hand, it requires us to develop the capacity to respond and adapt to the needs of society, recognizing the new circumstances in our environment and the tools we have to deal with them. Likewise, it is a process of inclusion, in which we intend to involve a growing number of stakeholders, in order to take into account diverse perspectives and knowledge that affect the work we do.

Finally, it is an exercise in transparency, aimed at strengthening public confidence by exposing the way in which we use our resources for the benefit of society.

The principles that govern us are based on ethics in research, the promotion and defense of open science, and innovation in the transfer of knowledge. Then, our investigations follow the indications of the Institutional Committee for the Ethics Supervision of Projects, in order to improve the practices of the data protection standards of the individuals involved in our investigations. Likewise, our work is Open Access, with the purpose of increasing the impact of the results of our research, improving the impact of our publications, making the institutions involved with our projects more visible, and guaranteeing the preservation of our work for the benefit of citizens.