Coursera: Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications
Online course on audio signal processing methodologies specific for music and of use in real applications based on open software and content.

UPF - DTIC - PhD in Information and Communication Technologies
PhD program of the UPF which offers advanced training in a broad range of topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. At the MTG we accept several PhD students every year to work under the supervision of the different faculty members.

UPF - DTIC - Master in Sound and Music Computing
Audio and Music Processing for Music Applications: Core course of the SMC master covering signal processing methodologies and technologies specific for audio and music applications. [syllabus]

UPF - Polytechnic School
Signals and Systems I: Introductory course to digital signal processing designed for the second year students of Computer Engineering, Telematics and Audiovisual Systems.
Sound, Speech and Music Processing: Intermediate course in digital signal processing specific for speech and music audio signals, designed for students in Audiovisual Systems Engineering.
Music Technology Lab: Optional c
ourse in which the students carry out a practical software project learning the different tasks needed to go from a specified project idea to its practical implementation, evaluation and presentation.