Most of our peptides are made on automated synthesizers running highly optimized Fmoc-based solid phase synthesis protocols. Our current instruments are:

(1) Prelude (Protein Technologies, Inc.). Instrument with 6 channels that allow parallel, simultaneous synthesis of 6 peptides, in scales from 5 µmol up to 5 mmol. In addition to 20 natural amino acids, 7 additional ports for non-standard residues and other modifying groups. A routine 20-mer synthesis completed in <1 day. 

(2) Liberty Blue (CEM Corporation). Possibly the most advanced instrument in the field, with microwave assistance at the principal steps (deprotection, coupling) of each peptide chain elongation cycle. Additional innovations in fluidics, coupling chemistry and washes allow very fast (routine 20-mer synthesis completed in <2h) and eco-friendly (minimal solvent waste) operation.