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Profesor responsable: Joan Benach

In the 21st century, humanity faces enormous challenges that can be characterized through crucial global crises such as are the climatic and ecological emergency, the crises of work and democracy, and the increase of global social and health inequalities, all of which are interrelated. To tackle these global health inequalities, it is essential to accurately understand both the current limits of knowledge and the key processes generating social and environmental injustices in their association with science, technology, culture, and power. Through a transdisciplinary and critical scientific approach, both historical and political, this course examines the essential issues that make up current global health inequities and what are their possible solutions. The themes discussed in this course are the following: critical assessment of the limits of public health research; types of research, systemic thinking and knowledge integration; political economy, power and capitalism; socio-ecological crisis and climatic emergency; social intersectionality and the psychobiological incorporation of health and disease; and political participation, democracy, political conflicts and social justice.

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* Asignatura impartida en inglés