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Workshop at Inria

In order to get acquainted with the infrastructure, the research and most of all the team behind it, CREW had a 4 day workshop at Inria in Rennes.

A scheme for collaboration was set up for the first use cases of PRESENT

Flee scenario

The agent is in a room, shows awareness and flees to the nearest location invisible to the user.


Surround scenario

The agents are in a room, become aware of the user and surround the user.

Emotion sensing pipeline for arousal detection

Augsburg University succeeded in building an emotion sensing pipeline for arousal detection in Present.

Crowd Navigation in VR

Our colleagues in Inria have explored how providing haptic feedback improves the overall realism of the interaction between the user and the virtual characters in a digital environment, research that has been published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. This video gives an overview of this research work.

Museum Guide Demo

In this demo, our colleagues from Augsburg University show how a virtual agent can be used to explain artwork to a user of PRESENT.