Deliverables Deliverables

The purpose of this document is to provide all project beneficiaries with a summary of the most important project procedures (governance structure, legal bases, project monitoring, reporting, financial management, internal communication, etc.). Additionally, this document comprises beneficiaries and contact lists as well as documentation and communication standards in order to enable quick and efficient communication within the project consortium.
This deliverable reports on the data plan strategy for the PRESENT project. The deliverable summarises and discusses the type of data which the project will be dealing with, and especially in terms of its potential release.
This document sets out the principles, procedures and criteria to be applied for the
self-assessment and internal progress monitoring of the project. It complements the

D1.1 Project Handbook and Quality PlanD1.2 Data Management Plan as well as the dissemination and exploitation planning deliverables in WP9.

This document presents the results of the Task 2.1 Scenarios and Pipelines (M1 – M6). The task
consolidated the scenarios of use for demonstration and evaluation, and the pipelines for ensuring
integration and multiple output.
This document represents the initial architecture that will govern the overall design and deliverables associated with the ICT25 PRESENT project. The goal is to provide a high level overview of the various components required to deliver the overall functionality.
The purpose of this document is to provide the rationale of the project website implementation.

Academic papers Academic papers

 A chapter for Handbook of Socially Interactive Agents, written by Kathrin Janowski, Hannes Ritschel and Elisabeth Andre (Augsburg University).  To be published also to ACM at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.