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The Centre for Intersectional Justice, new supporting organization

The Centre for Intersectional Justice, new supporting organization




It is a pleasure to inform that the Centre for Intersectional Justice has become a supporting organization of our master programme.


CIJ is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 and based in Berlin. They engage in advocacy and policy-oriented research to make anti-discrimination and equality policy more inclusive and address structural inequalities more effectively in Europe. It is founded and led by Emilia Zenzile Roig, with Kimberlé Crenshaw as honorary president.


CIJ is a global network of leading lawyers, academics, practitioners, writers, and journalists striving for equality. They are aimed at pooling their expertise, critical perspectives, creativity and extensive experience to protect and promote the rights of those structurally marginalized in our European societies.



Website: https://www.intersectionaljustice.org





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