Infant health

“The Impact of Scheduling Birth Early on Infant Health” (with Cristina Borra and Almudena Sevilla), Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming). See my blog post in Nada Es Gratis (October 2014); watch me present it in this video.

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“Newborn Health and the Business Cycle” (with Ainhoa Aparicio). Barcelona GSE Working Paper 702. (Previously circulated as “Recessions and Babies’ Health”.) Media coverage: The Atlantic (see article), Diari Ara (see article), etc, May 2014. See also my blog post in Nada Es Gratis, June 2014.

“Sex Selection and Health at Birth among Indian Immigrants” Barcelona GSE Working Paper 886 (March 2016). R&R Economics and Human Biology.          Media coverage: Barcelona GSE Focus (here), El País (see article), ABC (see article), El Mundo (see article), etc, May 2015. See also my blog post in Politikon, and this interview by Fundación Ramón Areces.


Family policy

"The Effects of Paternity Leave on Fertility and Labor Market Outcomes" (with Lidia Farré), Barcelona GSE Working Paper 978 (July 2017).

“The Effects of a Universal Child Benefit on Conceptions, Abortions, and Early Maternal Labor Supply.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 5(3) (2013). Media coverage: Nada es Gratis, April 2011 (see post), Rebelión, May 2010 (see article), see also my blog post in Politikon.

“Targeting Fertility and Female Participation through the Income Tax” (with Ghazala Azmat) Labour Economics 17(3): 487–502 (2010).



Check out this blog post (in Spanish) where I summarize some of my research in this area.

“The Long-Term Effects of Legalizing Divorce on Children” (with Tarja Viitanen), IZA Discussion Paper 3789. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming, online June 23, 2017).

“The social effects of divorce laws” (2015) Els Opuscles del CREI, N. 40. (Survey piece)

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Check out this video from the Barcelona GSE where I summarize some of my research in this area, and this piece broadcast on NPR where I was interviewed.

“How do Open Economies Adjust to Large Immigration Flows? Sectoral Specialization, Household Services, and Other Mechanisms” (with Francesc Ortega). Lead article, CESifo DICE Report 12(2): 3-9 (2014).

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Nonparametric Bounds on the Returns to Language Skills.” Journal of Applied Econometrics 20(6): 771-795 (2005).


Single mothers

“The Determinants of the Prevalence of Single Mothers: A Cross-Country Analysis.” IZA Discussion Paper No. 1677. Media coverage: The Sunday Times, September 2003 (see article).

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