North African Affy 6.0 data (Arauna et al., 2017)

You can find the Affy 6.0 data of the manuscript “Recent historical migrations have shaped the gene pool of Arabs and Berbers in North Africa” by Arauna et al.

North African Affy 6.0 data (Henn et al., 2012)

Genomic Ancestry of North Africans Supports Back-to-Africa Migrations Brenna M. Henn, Laura R. Botigué, Simon Gravel, Wei Wang, Abra Brisbin, Jake K. Byrnes, Karima Fadhlaoui-Zid, Pierre A. Zalloua, Andres Moreno-Estrada, Jaume Bertranpetit, Carlos D. Bustamante, David Comas (2012) PLoS Genetics 8(1)e1002397 Henn2012

The Affy 6.0 data can be downloaded here: NAfrica_Bas and NWAfrica_Qat_280K

Mitochondrial data from Central Asian populations (Comas et al., 2004)

MtDNA sequences from hypervariable region I (Comas2004HVR1) and region II (Comas2004HVR2) from the Central Asian samples that appeared in the manuscript:

Comas D, Plaza S, Wells RS, Yuldaseva N, Lao O, Calafell F, Bertranpetit J (2004) Admixture, migrations, and dispersals in Central Asia: evidence from maternal DNA lineages. European Journal of Human Genetics 12(6):495-504.

European Affy 6.0 data (Botigué et al., 2013)

Gene flow from North Africa contributes to differential human genetic diversity in Southern Europe

Laura R. Botigué, Brenna M. Henn, Simon Gravel, Brian K. Maples, Christopher R. Gignoux, Erik Corona,
Gil Atzmon, Edward Burns, Harry Ostrer, Carlos Flores, Jaume Bertranpetit, David Comas,
Carlos D. Bustamante (2013) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 110:11791-11796

The Affy 6.0 data can be downloaded here

Data from Gardner et al. 2008

Supplementary Information from the manuscript:

Gardner M, Bertranpetit J, Comas D (2008) Worldwide genetic variation and tagSNP transferability in dopamine and serotonin pathway genes. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics 147B:1070-1075.

Tunisian mtDNA data from Fadhlaoui-Zid et al (2004)

Data from Fadhlaoui-Zid et al (2004) Mitochondrial DNA heterogeneity in Tunisian Berbers. Annals of Human Genetics 68:222-233.

Data from three Tunisian Berber samples

Mitochondrial data from Western Mediterranean populations from Plaza et al (2003)

Data from Plaza et al (2003) Joining the Pillars of Hercules:mtDNA sequences show multidirectional gene flow in teh Western Mediterranean. Annals of Human Genetics 67(4): 312-328.

Sequence data from positions 16,024-16,383