Teacher Wages, Student Achievement, and the Recruitment of Talent in Rural Peru

with Matteo BobbaChristopher Neilson, Marco Nieddu and Camila Alva 

Branchless Banking and Financial Inclusion: Empirical Evidence from a Demand and a Supply-Side Intervention 

with Erika Deserranno and Firman Witoelar AEA RCT Registry AEARCTR-0003167 Status: Endline in the field.

Performance Incentives in Multi-layered Organizations: Evidence from Sierra Leone’s Community Health Workers Program

with Erika Deserranno and Philipp KastrauAEA RCT Registry AEARCTR-0003345Status: On going.

Career Incentives in the Public Sector: Evidence from the Sierra Leonean CHW Program

with Erika Deserranno and Philipp KastrauAEA RCT Registry AEARCTR-0003993Status: On going.

Career Incentives for Rural Health Service Provision

with Mariel Bedoya, Libertad González, and Pablo Lavado.

The effects of electronic voting terminals on turnout and preference aggregation

with Alberto Chong

Civil conflict and the formation of political preferences

with Stanislao Maldonado