My photo class from 3d grade in Maglegaardskolen in Copenhagen


The UPF Demosoc group photos

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My Music


I have been writing and recording music over the years with different bands. The lyrics from one song sums it all up: “I’m not really Elvis, and this ain’t Memphis, we’re just friends having fun”. Here are some samples, recorded in Boston, Firenze and Barcelona. You can download them if you like. All songs are ©Gosta Esping.


Recorded in Laietana Studios, Barcelona 


New Recordings 2012-2014

Drums: Xavi Mauretta. Bass: Eduard Altaba. Keyboards: Carlos Rullo.  Piano: Guissep Maria Cols.  Guitars: Dexter Hodges, Eugeni Gil and Gosta Esping. Sax: Pep Pasqual. Mandolin: Salvador Boix. Vocals: Gosta Esping, and members of the Pompeu Fabra University Choir, directed by Enric Azuaga.


Recorded in Firenze

Drums: Aldo. Bass: Neil  O'Higgins, Lasse Ringius. Keyboards, Piano: Joyce Reese; Guitars: Kees van Kersbergen, Gosta Esping. Sax:  Gennaro. Vocals: Gosta Esping, Joyce Reese, Neil O'Higgins

Jan's song is in memory of my oldest friend who died August, 2009. It was recorded in Barcelona February 2010.


Christmas songs:

Since 2011 we have each year recorded a new Christmas song together with our children: David Esping (drums), Jacob Esping (keyboards), Elian Hodges (harmonica) and Mar Altaba (vocals):

  • Santa Claus Blues (2011) [download]    (3'10)
  • Dragons & Kings (2012) [download]  (2'22)
  • Football Glory (2013) [download]    (3'17)