This subject studies the system for the protection of fundamental rights in the Spanish legal system. It includes the analysis of mechanisms provided for in the 1978 Spanish Constitution to protect fundamental rights, their legislative development and the impact of the European and international systems for the protection of human rights on the Spanish legal system. Upon completion of the course, students will understand the concept and key aspects of fundamental human rights and their relationship with constitutionalism and with the international human rights movement. They will also understand the mechanisms provided for in the 1978 Spanish Constitution for their protection and guarantee and the interrelation with European systems for protecting fundamental rights. Finally, students will have acquired essential knowledge of the content of the main fundamental rights recognised in the Spanish legal system. The teaching of the selected fundamental rights will incorporate as well the European perspective. For instance, the principle of equality will be studied from the perspective of both the Spanish Constitutional Court case law and the relevance of the European Union anti-discrimination law and the correspondent developments of the CJEU.






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