Monday 28th Tuesday 29th

  Monday 28th Tuesday 29th
08:00 Registration  
09:30 Connectivity Analysis: Resting Networks vs. Activated Networks Statistical approaches for Cortical Dynamics
09:45 Resting-State Brain Connectivity Geometries of neuronal response
10:30 Relating Function to Connectivity Neural correlates of motor decision from field potentials: a theory-inspired analysis
11:15 Coffee break Coffee break
11:45 Nonlinear Dynamic Causal Models for fMRI Granger Causality on Spatial Manifolds: applications to Neuroimaging
12:30 Small World Brain Functional Networks Stability Constraints on Structural and Functional Network Connectivity
13:15 Lunch time Lunch time
15:00 Dynamical Analysis of Optical Imaging Data: Gaining Insight into Functional Connectivity of Localized Cortical Areas Bridging anatomical and functional connectivity: open issues, fresh approaches
15:15 Communications between visual areas in the ferret at the microscopic and mesoscopic scale How does the brain code for processes? - that is processes, not states!
16:00 Exctracting functional connectivity from networks of cortical cells exhibiting transitions between up and down-states Hey, turn that neuron down! The impact of noise on brain network dynamics.
16:45 Coffee break Coffee break
17:15 What can population activity tell about intra-cortical connectivity? Connectivity, Coordination, Coupling and Causality
18:00 Functional connectivity based on fast non-invasive optical imaging data Simulating large-scale neural networks “in the brain” – A new framework integrating brain imaging data and computational modeling
20:00 Keynote speech  
21:00   Dinner


Brain Connectivity Workshop 2007


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

May 28-30 2007