Sixth International Workshop on Brain Connectivity


The neuroscience community is sensitive to the considerable gap which exists between theoretical neuroscience at different levels (i.e. neuronal networks, cellular/molecular biology, biophysics of membranes) and applied neuroscience, explored mostly using neurophysiologic techniques and neuroimaging. Certainly, there is a distinct excitement at international conferences or workshops where neuroscientists from different disciplines are called together. A number of contradictory experimental results observed using diverse techniques in the recent past have motivated the development of both sophisticated systems to perform multimodal simultaneous recordings at different brain scales as well as unified theoretical models to explain the underlying physiological mechanisms. These models will enable us to interpret a huge amount of data and answer many outstanding questions in neuroscience.

The workshop on brain connectivity will address current advances in the modern neuroscience will be addressed in with special emphasis on unresolved questions in the subjects of integration of in vivo multimodal techniques (MRI, EEG/MEG, NIRs, TMS) to study human brain activity and connectivity. We will focus on top-down data driven approaches, emphasizing the need for compatibility with findings obtained from in vitro/vivo studies at different brain levels (intracellular recordings, local field potentials, intrinsic signals) as well the latest theoretical models.

The workshop should also lead to an exchange of conceptual and mathematical frameworks that had been demonstrated to be useful within their respective contexts. In particular, we want to explore the possibility that one level of enquiry can inform or be constrained by others. This could be done by combining approaches with different advantages/limitations or by application of concepts to new research contexts

Brain Connectivity Workshop 2007


Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

May 28-30 2007