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FuBIntLab Group at MysteryEscape

The group of researchers, engineers and students from the FuBIntLab have had a team-bonding and end of academic year activity at the MysteryEscape escape room.


Imatge inicial

The members of the FuBIntLab split up into two teams to compete in parallel in two rooms, and in real time the "The Mystery of the Manor" experience at MysteryEscape Barcelona ( The two teams were:

Team 1 Team 2
  • Beste
  • Victor
  • Gözde
  • Carles
  • Karina
  • Renato
  • Narcís
  • Olga
  • Paul
  • Myriam
  • Fran
  • Martyna
  • Òscar


Obviously ;-) Team 1 won wih a time of ~42 minutes, while Team 2 came out of their room approximately 8 minutes later.

We all had great fun and wished each other a great summer time!



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