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2023 (2)

Morales A, Alomar A, Porras AR, Linguraru MG, Piella G, Sukno FM. BabyNet: reconstructing 3D faces of babies from uncalibrated photographs. Pattern Recognition 2023; (139).

Schaper M.M.; Marquez Segura E.; Malinverni L.; Pares N.. Think-4-EmCoDe Framework: Highlighting Key Qualities in Embodied Co-Design Techniques for Children. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 2023; ( ).

2022 (6)

Alomar A, Morales A, Vellve K, Porras AR, Crispi F, Linguraru MG, Piella G, Sukno F. Reconstruction of the fetus face from three-dimensional ultrasound using a newborn face statistical shape model.. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 2022; 221( ).

Aspandi D.; Sukno F.; Schuller B.W.; Binefa X.. Audio-Visual Gated-Sequenced Neural Networks for Affect Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 2022; ( ).

Fernandez-Lopez A.; Sukno F.M.. End-to-End Lip-Reading Without Large-Scale Data. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing 2022; ( ): 1-15.

Joshi R.S.; Rigau M.; Garcia-Prieto C.A.; Castro de Moura M.; Piñeyro D.; Moran S.; Davalos V.; Carrion P.; Ferrando-Bernal M.; Olalde I.; Lalueza-Fox C.; Navarro A.; Fernandez-Tena C.; Aspandi D.; Sukno F.M.; Binefa X.; Valencia A.; Esteller M.. Look-alike humans identified by facial recognition algorithms show genetic similarities. Cell Reports 2022; 40(8).

Rodriguez-Diaz N, Aspandi D, Sukno FM, Binefa X. Machine learning-based lie detector applied to a novel annotated game dataset. Future Internet 2022; 14(1).

2021 (4)

Morales A.; Piella G.; Sukno F.M.. Survey on 3D face reconstruction from uncalibrated images. Computer Science Review 2021; 40(100400).

Schaper MM, Pares N. Co-design Techniques for and with Children based on Physical Theatre Practice to promote Embodied Awareness ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 2021; 28(4): 1-42.

2020 (3)

Katina S.; Kelly B.D.; Rojas M.A.; Sukno F.M.; McDermott A.; Hennessy R.J.; Lane A.; Whelan P.F.; Bowman A.W.; Waddington J.L.. Refining the resolution of craniofacial dysmorphology in bipolar disorder as an index of brain dysmorphogenesis. Psychiatry Research 2020; 291(113243): 1-6.

2019 (7)

Crowell C.; Mora-Guiard J.; Pares N.. Structuring collaboration: Multi-user full-body interaction environments for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2019; 58( ): 96-110.

Derkach D.; Ruiz A.; Sukno F.M.. Tensor decomposition and non-linear manifold modeling for 3D head pose estimation. International Journal of Computer Vision 2019; 127(10): 1565-1585.

Fernandez-Lopez A, Sukno FM. Optimizing phoneme-to-viseme mapping for continuous lip-reading in Spanish. Communications in Computer and Information Science 2019; 983(0): 305-328.

Mairena MA, Mora-Guiard J, Malinverni L, Padillo V, Valero L, Hervas A, Pares N. A full-body interactive videogame used as a tool to foster social initiation conducts in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2019; 67( ).