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2023 (2)

Morales A, Alomar A, Porras AR, Linguraru MG, Piella G, Sukno FM. BabyNet: reconstructing 3D faces of babies from uncalibrated photographs. Pattern Recognition 2023; (139).

Schaper M.M.; Marquez Segura E.; Malinverni L.; Pares N.. Think-4-EmCoDe Framework: Highlighting Key Qualities in Embodied Co-Design Techniques for Children. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 2023.

2022 (6)

Alomar A, Morales A, Vellve K, Porras AR, Crispi F, Linguraru MG, Piella G, Sukno F. Reconstruction of the fetus face from three-dimensional ultrasound using a newborn face statistical shape model.. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 2022; 221.

Aspandi D, Sukno F, Schuller BW, Binefa X. Audio-Visual Gated-Sequenced Neural Networks for Affect Recognition. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing 2022; 14(3): 2193-2208.

Fernandez-Lopez A.; Sukno F.M.. End-to-End Lip-Reading Without Large-Scale Data. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing 2022; 1-15.

Joshi R.S.; Rigau M.; Garcia-Prieto C.A.; Castro de Moura M.; Piñeyro D.; Moran S.; Davalos V.; Carrion P.; Ferrando-Bernal M.; Olalde I.; Lalueza-Fox C.; Navarro A.; Fernandez-Tena C.; Aspandi D.; Sukno F.M.; Binefa X.; Valencia A.; Esteller M.. Look-alike humans identified by facial recognition algorithms show genetic similarities. Cell Reports 2022; 40(8).

Rodriguez-Diaz N, Aspandi D, Sukno FM, Binefa X. Machine learning-based lie detector applied to a novel annotated game dataset. Future Internet 2022; 14(1).

2021 (4)

Morales A.; Piella G.; Sukno F.M.. Survey on 3D face reconstruction from uncalibrated images. Computer Science Review 2021; 40(100400).

Schaper MM, Pares N. Co-design Techniques for and with Children based on Physical Theatre Practice to promote Embodied Awareness ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction 2021; 28(4): 1-42.

2020 (3)

Katina S.; Kelly B.D.; Rojas M.A.; Sukno F.M.; McDermott A.; Hennessy R.J.; Lane A.; Whelan P.F.; Bowman A.W.; Waddington J.L.. Refining the resolution of craniofacial dysmorphology in bipolar disorder as an index of brain dysmorphogenesis. Psychiatry Research 2020; 291(113243): 1-6.

2019 (7)

Derkach D.; Ruiz A.; Sukno F.M.. Tensor decomposition and non-linear manifold modeling for 3D head pose estimation. International Journal of Computer Vision 2019; 127(10): 1565-1585.

Fernandez-Lopez A, Sukno FM. Optimizing phoneme-to-viseme mapping for continuous lip-reading in Spanish. Communications in Computer and Information Science 2019; 983(0): 305-328.

Mairena MA, Mora-Guiard J, Malinverni L, Padillo V, Valero L, Hervas A, Pares N. A full-body interactive videogame used as a tool to foster social initiation conducts in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2019; 67.