Recent Publications

  • Sergio Barrachina-Muñoz, Francesc Wilhelmi, Boris Bellalta. Dynamic Channel Bonding in Spatially Distributed High-Density WLANs. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Communications, 2019. [pdf]


Selected Publications

  • Bellalta, B. (2017). Throughput Analysis in High Density WLANs. IEEE Communications Letters, 21(3), 592-595.

  • Faridi, A., Bellalta, B., & Checco, A. (2017). Analysis of dynamic channel bonding in dense networks of WLANs. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, (1), 1-1.

  • Sanabria-Russo, L., Barcelo, J., Bellalta, B., & Gringoli, F. (2017). A high efficiency MAC protocol for WLANs: Providing fairness in dense scenarios. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 25(1), 492-505.

  • Bellalta, B., Checco, A., Zocca, A., & Barcelo, J. (2016). On the interactions between multiple overlapping WLANs using channel bonding. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 65(2), 796-812.

  • Bellalta, B., Faridi, A., Barcelo, J., Daza, V., & Oliver, M. (2014). Performance analysis of a Multiuser Multi-Packet Transmission system for WLANs in non-saturation conditions. Computer Networks, 60, 88-100.

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