Back International Conference on Computational Logistics (ICCL 2022)

International Conference on Computational Logistics (ICCL 2022)

The Business Analytics Research Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra organizes the International Conference on Computational Logistics (ICCL 2022). The theme of this edition is Logistics for Social Good.

ICCL2022: International Conference on Computational Logistics
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, September 21-23, 2022





The ICCL cycle of conference bring together researchers and practitioners working at the interface of large/complex logistics systems and advanced computational methods from the fields of Operations Research, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. The main objective is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of Computational Logistics to present their latest results and findings in a fruitful and open-minded environment.

Computational Logistics comprises the planning and implementation of large/complex logistics tasks using computations and advanced decision support systems. It is applied in various areas, such as the flow and storage of goods or services as well as of related information from their source to their destinations. Typically, optimization models and algorithms are developed, verified and applied for planning and executing complex logistics tasks, e.g., for finding the most efficient scheduling/plan for the transport of passengers or goods. The models and algorithms are integrated with advanced computer technology to get satisfactory results in appropriate time even for large scale problem instances and providing interactivity, visualization etc., for a better understanding and problem solution. Computational Logistics also involves the use of information systems and modern communication and information technology (IT) for the design, planning and control of logistics networks as well as the complex tasks within them.

Call for Papers

The 12th International Conference on Computational Logistics will be held September 21-23, 2022 at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain (hybrid attendance). In the tradition of the previous conferences, the conference will focus on the theory and applications of operations research, artificial intelligence, and management science to problems in logistics. 
The theme of this edition is Logistics for Social Good.

Topics of the conference include among others:

- Operations Research and Management in logistics
- Routing problems
- Emergency logistics
- Reverse logistics
- Crowd logistics
- Freight transportation
- Green supply chain
- Metropolitan/city logistics
- Smart Agro-Logistics
- Uncertainty modeling in planning and control
- Large-scale evolutionary optimization in logistics
- Multi-agent systems in logistics
- Self-organizing logistics
- Internet of things in smart logistics
- Artificial Intelligence in logistics
- Machine learning applications in supply chain
- Last generation ICT networks
- Land and maritime smart logistics
- ICT in logistics
- Computational issues in foreign trade supply chains
- Facility (re-)layout decision problems
- Health and social care logistics
- Humanitarian logistics
- Artificial intelligence and Operations Research in sustainable logistics  

Important Dates:

- May 20, 2022: Submission deadline full papers (conference proceedings)
- June 6, 2022: Submission deadline abstracts for presentation only
- July 4, 2022: Notifications of acceptance (for both full papers and abstracts)
- July 14, 2022: Deadline for submission camera-ready paper
- August 1, 2022: End of registration for presenters
- September 2, 2022: End of registration for participants

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and be provided in the following forms:

- Full papers for publication in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).
- Extended abstracts for presentation only.
Furthermore, a selection of papers will be invited for a special issue in a scientific journal (to be announced).

Mail conference: [email protected]

Conference Chairs:

- Jésica de Armas ([email protected])
- Helena Ramalhinho ([email protected])
- Stefan Voß ([email protected])



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