Mission: Generate new knowledge and solutions via research to improve the wellbeing of people and the planet. 


Business Analytics focuses on transforming data into insights by applying advanced analytical methods to improve the performance of an organization.  

The BARG at Pompeu Fabra University focuses on developing data-driven analytical approaches, as mathematical models, methods and algorithms from the areas of Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and Statistics, to help making better decisions in businesses and organizations in general.

The BARG has a large experience in applying the Business Analytics approaches to several large-scale and complex optimization problems arising in different fields, as for example in Transportation, Retailing, Healthcare, Logistics and Manufacturing industries.

The group draws researchers from different areas at UPF and other universities experts on different fields (from Operations Research to Marketing or Computer Science) leading to Multidisciplinary approach to solve real problems. This multidisciplinary approach provides a key factor to obtain excellent results and make an impact on the business and the society.

The main focus of the research of this group is: "OPERATIONS RESEARCH FOR SOCIAL GOOD".