[email protected] finalist in the Eurekathon 2020: Challenging data for zero hunger

[email protected] finalist in the Eurekathon 2020: Challenging data for zero hunger

The group of younger researchers: Daniel López, Laura Portell, Jessica Rodríguez-Pereira, and Bruno Vieira, were selected as one of the six finalists of the Eurekathon 2020 with their proposed solution to optimize the food donation campaigns.



Eurekathon is a data-driven competition promoted by LTPlabsPorto Business School and NOS, that addresses societal issues associated with sustainable development goals. In its 2nd edition partnering with Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome challenged the participants to develop concrete and creative solutions that contribute to maximize access by all people to sufficient food all year round.


In this edition 150 participants forming 28 groups used their knowledge in artificial intelligence, predictive techniques, and process optimization in order to develop models and technological solutions. The BARG team combining data analysis and optimization in their solution  have developed a first stage support tool for helping the decision-makers on the strategic level of location facilities and on the planning level of the food donation campaigns.





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