Mutual Information on MIMO Channels

This MATLAB routine allows computing the mutual information achieved by an IID complex Gaussian sequence on a MIMO Rayleigh-distributed block-faded channel without side information at the receiver. Operationally, this signifies the highest spectral efficiency that can be achieved with standard Gaussian codebooks. It is a function of the SNR, the fading coherence, and the numbers of transmit and receive antennas.

MAC for 802.15.4 with Retransmissions

This MATLAB routine simulates the the MAC layer uplink traffic behavior of a single-hop IEEE 802.15.4 network, consisting of N nodes and a PAN coordinator, in the beacon-enabled mode with acknowledgments and retransmissions. The network behavior is simulated under saturated traffic condition and an infinitely-long Contention Access Period (CAP) is assumed. It is also assumed that the data packets have the same length and that their transmission takes an integer multiple of the backoff period. See this paper for more details regarding the exact model simulated.
CSMA_802_15_4_ACK_Retransmission.m MATLAB Routine