You must deposit the doctoral thesis (the step prior to the thesis defence) before the end of the third academic year after you registered (if you have been authorized to study part-time, then you must deposit it before the end of the fifth academic year).

If you are unable to deposit the doctoral thesis within the stipulated deadline, you will need to apply to the Academic Committee for a deposit extension of one year (if you have been authorized to study part-time, this extension will be for two years)

Under exceptional circumstances this period may be extended for 1 additional year, under the conditions established in the doctoral programme.

If you are nevertheless still unable to deposit the doctoral thesis, you will be withdrawn from the doctoral programme and will be unable to continue these studies at UPF under any circumstances.

Break in doctoral studies

You can apply to the Academic Committee for a temporary break in the programme for a maximum period of one year, which may be extended for a further year. This request must be justified. Under no circumstances can the temporary break be requested during the extension period.

Absences due to health reasons or those related to maternity or paternity

The deadline for depositing the doctoral thesis will be extended for as long as this situation has lasted. You will need to present to the Secretary's Office of the doctoral programme all the documentation accrediting this situation. If you do not have medical leave, contact the secretary's office to request the constitution of the ad-hoc committee that will decide on the granting of the leave. The doctoral student will notify the doctoral student of any leave of absence at the time it is granted and not retroactively.

Application and/or communication of extensions, interruptions or medical leave: contact your secretary.