Start: 12-06-2023 - 9:30 End: 14-06-2023 - 13:30

INTRODUCTION TO ALPHAFOLD: The aim of this course is to introduce the basic principles of AlphaFold, including its relevance, usage, and applications. We will learn how to use AlphaFold to predict the 3D structure of proteins and will explore some of its applications. The course will also discuss the current state and the ongoing research in the field, including the latest developments in the field of protein structure prediction. More


Start: 24-04-2023 - 9:30 End: 25-04-2023 - 13:00

USE OF MARVIN CLUSTER AND HPC SYSTEMS: The course will describe the first steps working with a computing cluster, in our case, the UPF Marvin Cluster. We will learn what a cluster is, why we use it and how to work with it: How to submit jobs, to control these jobs and to improve our jobs’ configuration to take advantage of the cluster’s resources. We also will see how we can parallelize our jobs. More


Start: 29-03-2023 - 9:30 End: 29-03-2023 - 14:00

INTRODUCTION TO NEXTFLOW: In this course, basic concepts and characteristics of the Nextflow workflow management system will be shown. We will also explore NF-core, which is a framework of community-curated standardized analysis pipelines written in Nextflow. More


Start: 27-03-2023 - 9:30 End: 27-03-2023 - 14:00

SINGULARITY & CONTAINERS: In this course we will explore what containerization is and why it can be useful. We will also explore different container engine technologies and we will focus on Singularity. More

Start: 13-03-2023 - 9:30 End: 15-03-2023 - 14:00

GIT- COLLABORATIVE & REPRODUCIBLE RESEARCH: Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. More


Start: 27-02-2023 - 9:30 End: 02-03-2023 - 14:00

INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON: Introduction to Python programming language for statistical analysis and visualization. During the course, we will learn the basics of the python language, as well as some of the most useful packages for statistical analysis and biomedical applications. In addition, we will learn how to work with python from different environments and using different visualization tools. More

Start: 06-02-2023 - 9:30 End: 06-02-2023 - 14:00

INTRODUCTION TO LINUX: This course is suitable for beginners and is designed to provide users with a foundational understanding of the Linux operating system. The course will cover the basics of Linux command line interface, managing files and directories. Users will learn how to navigate the file system, create, edit, and manipulate files, and perform common tasks. More