Fair Play. Journal of Sport: Philosophy, Ethics and Law is an electronic journal devoted to the analysis  of sport from the point of view of the philosophy, ethics and the theoretical-legal perspective. Beside the philosophical concern, the journal will accept works coming from the legal field given the evident connections that arise in many occasions with philosophical issues. The journal is directed mainly to researchers, professional and advanced students. It has a biannual periodicity and his issues will be published in April and October.

IV Congress


"Sport and Global Gobernance: Sport and Rights" 


Philosophy of Law Department. Pompeu Fabra University 

Call for papers,

Philosophy of Law Department. Pompeu Fabra University. the Department of Philosophy of Law and the Spanish Association for the Philosophy of Sport invites the submission of abstracts to be considered for presentation at the 

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The conference will be held April 26-27 in Barcelona, sponsored by the Philosphy of Law Department of the University Pompeu Fabra. 

Abstracts are welcome on any area of philosophy of sport (broadly construed) or related to, including law, politics and ethics, and from any theoretical approach, including analytic philosophy and critical theory. While AEFD recognizes, values, and encourages interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies, acceptance is contingent on the philosophical content of the project. Emerging scholars are encouraged to submit works in progress. Guidelines for abstracts and submission instructions are including below. 

Deadline for abstract submission is April 20, 2017. A Program Committee of three AEFD peers will blind review abstracts. Contributors will be notified about the status of their abstracts as soon as possible and in any case before the end of April. 

All conference presenters shall register for attend the conference to have their paper included on the conference program. 

Abstract must be sent to [email protected]

Organizing Committee

Jose Luis Pérez Triviño

Alberto Carrio

Carwyn Jones. President of the International Association of Philosophy of Sport

It is an honour and a pleasure to be associated with this new journal Fair Play, Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law. It is a welcome edition to the small, but growing field of scholarly journals dealing with philosophical, ethical and legal issues in sport.  The journal aims to publish current and contemporary articles from philosophers, lawyers, sociologists, pedagogues, psychologists and administrators.   It will provide another platform for the rapidly expanding international and multi-lingual community of academics and practitioners to share ideas and engage in debate. As such it is the first journal to publish articles in both Spanish and English. The journal has a truly international feel with the editorial board featuring some of the foremost scholars in the field.  I look forward to reading the journal and encourage scholars to support the journal by submitting work to be considered for publication. With the support of the scholarly community the journal can establish a reputation for publishing excellent research in the field.  It has been a pleasure to see Philosophy of Sport grow as a discipline over the years and its health today is down to the hard work and enthusiasm of individuals like José Luis Pérez Triviño who seek to provide new opportunities for scholars to present and publish their work.  I wish the journal every success.


Editing: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Director: José Luis Pérez Triviño

Assistant directors: José Manuel Ríos Corbacho, Alberto Carrio y Javier López Frías

Secretary: Luis Gagilardini

ISSN: 2014-9255

Legal deposit: B. 2270-2013

Frequency: Semestral

Onset: Abril 2013

Postal address: Trías Fargas, 25-27, 08225, Barcelona (España)

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