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Access to e-resources from outside the UPF (SARE)

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ACTIC accreditation

Apply for a grant to study abroad

Audiovisual equipment loans service

BaPIS: Open up to other disciplines in an international environment

BISS: experience an international summer on campus

Borrowing documents from other Catalan universities (PUC)

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Company internships

Complement the training of your official studies with a minor

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Roaming: get ready before you leave to study abroad

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Setup Wi-Fi (eduroam)

Students with special educational needs

Summer solidarity mobility (MApS)

Support for the Aula Global

Take a work placement in Europe

The Psychological Counselling Service (SAP) can help you

Train to teach Spanish as a foreign language teacher (ELE)

Tutoresport UPF: study and be a high-level athlete

Tutorial action plan: request personalised guidance

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