05-6.06.2024: International Conference — "Nihilism, Religion, and Politics: Vattimo and Decoloniality."

23.05.2024: Milan Arch Week 2024: the city celebrates weak architecture

15.05.2024: Workshop  Homenatge a Gianni Vattimo (1936-2023): Hermenèutica, Religió i Política. 

04.03.2024: A New Aesthetics Based on Vattimo's Weak Thought.

05.02.2024: An article by Felipe Souto on the Archives in Sacrilegens.

26.01.2024: Prof. Jean Grondin visited the Archives. 

10.01.2024: Special Dossier on Vattimo's Legacy in La Maleta de Portbou with contributions from Federico Vercellone, Mauro Carbone, Santiago Zabala, and Michal Matlak. 



11.12.2023: The Vattimo Dictionary online book launch at IDSVA with Simonetta Moro, Silvia Mazzini, David Webb, and Santiago Zabala. 

21.11.2023: An article by Chiara Caiazzo on the strength of weakening in El Ciervo.

21.11.2023: Why are Vattimo's Archives Important? Interview with Santiago Zabala by Thomas Winn.

18.11.2023: An article on the Archives in Diari de Barcelona. 

11.12.2023: The Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts is pleased to host the first online book launch of The Vattimo Dictionary (Edinburgh University Press, 2023), edited by Simonetta Moro. Three authors who contributed to the Dictionary will participate in the conversation: Silvia Mazzini, David Webb, and Santiago Zabala (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra University). Register here.

18.10.2023: PhD candidate and Center collaborator Chiara Caiazzo was awarded the FPU doctoral Fellowship for 2023-2026 and the Predoctoral fellowship in Romance Languages and Literatures to research at Harvard University in 2024. Ms. Caiazzo's thesis is a confrontation of Ranciere's aesthetics with Vattimo and other contemporary thinkers.

2-3.11.2023: Convegno internazionale – “1983-2023: Quarant’anni di dibattito su ermeneutica, nichilismo e azione politica intorno al pensiero debole di Gianni Vattimo." Università degli studi Guglielmo Marconi.

7.11.2023: November 7: Tribute to Gianni Vattimo (1936-2023) and International Book Launch of "The Vattimo Dictionary'' (Edinburgh University Press) with Simonetta Moro, Jaume Casals, Libera Pisano, Cristina Basili, Federico Vercellone, Pablo Pareja, and Daniel Gamper.

7.10.2023: Special Issue of Political Theology Network: "Remembering Vattimo" with contributions from S. Moro, John D. Caputo, David Newheiser, Gavin Hyman, Silvia Mazzini, and Mario I Aguilar.

20.9.2023: Gianni Vattimo passed away at the age of 87. Zabala's obituary in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Roberto Esposito in La Repubblica, Daniel Gamper in Ara, and Michela Marzano, Federico Vercellone, and Cesare Martinetti in La Stampa.

29.6.2023: Interview with PhD candidate and visiting scholar at our archives Mr. Felipe Souto in UFJF.

5.7.2023: Publication of Navigating Postmodern Theology. Insights from Jean-Luc Marion and Gianni Vattimo’s Philosophy by Michael J. McGravey.

31.05.2023: Publication of The Vattimo Dictionary by Edinburgh University Press edited by Prof. Dr. Simonetta Moro with the participation of 50 scholars of Vattimo's philosophy.

3.3.2023: Dr. Gregorio Tenti (University of Turin) was awarded a Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2023-2024 to work on ecological hermeneutics in our center. Vattimo's philosophy is central in his project.



7.6.2022: Article on the legitimacy of the Archives in La Stampa by Santiago Zabala. 

1.05.2022: A Review of Being and its Surroundings" in Philosophy in Review by John Picchione (York University of Toronto).​

Zabala course in the Master MECLAP will focus on Vattimo's philosophy in relation to the human condition in the      21st Century. Every Thursday afternoon from January-March. 





01.08.2021: Vattimo's Essere e dintorni translated in English

20.05.2021: An edition of Vattimo's books

22.05.2021 Interview in Tutto Libri

22.05.2021 "Umberto Galimberti on Vattimo"




15.09.2020: A Text, Interview, and article on Vattimo in Minerva

11.09.2020: New Italian edition of Vattimo's Etica dell'interpretazione

13.07.2020: Interview in La Nacion with Vattimo

02.06.2020: Interview in Il Riformista with Vattimo

27.05.2020: Review of El ser y sus alrededores in El Cultural

27.05.2020: Interview in El Cultural with Vattimo

27.05.2020: Vattimo's Essere e dintorni translated in Spanish

15.03.2020: Vattimo's article in El País, La religión, la filosofía y la verdad por Gianni Vattimo.

20.02.2020: Article on Vattimo in La Maleta de Portbou. Zabala's on Vattimo's transparent Society. 

08.01.2020: Gabriel Serbu successfully defended his PhD thesis



28.10.2019 International Workshop of the UPF Center for Vattimo's Philosophy and Archives

01.08.2019 New Book on Vattimo by Ulrike Irrgang: Das Wiederauftauchen einer verwehten Spur. Das religiöse Erbe im Werk Gianni Vattimos und Hans Magnus Enzensbergers

16.5.2019 Vattimo wins Circulo Golden Medal

06.2.2019 Article on Vattimo in First Things

15.1.2019 An article in El País on the Archives Hall



10.12.2018 Leonardo Franceschini successfully defended his PhD thesis
22.6.2018: Vattimo honored by the Institut for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts
25.5.2018: Gianni Vattimo's new 400 pages book, Essere e dintorni,  brings together his most interesting takes on contemporary philosophy, politics, and aesthetics in order to interpret our relation with Being in the 21st Century. Published by one of Italy's most prestigious publishing houses: La Nave di Teseo which was funded by Umberto Eco and Elisabetta Sgarbi. 
1. 3. 2018: PhD Candidate Gabriel Serbu receives an Erasmus Plus Mobility Grant to research material for his thesis on Rorty, Vattimo, and Coetzee at the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) during Summer/Fall 2018"


07.03.2017: Conference by Martin Woessner (The City College of New York, CUNY): The Strength of Weakness: Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line as Hermeneutic Cosmology

22.05.2017: A book on Hermeneutic Communism! Making Communism Hermeneutical: Reading Vattimo and Zabala is edited by S. Mazzini and O. Glyn-Williams and includes critical contributions from 19 renown scholars from all over the world as well as Vattimo and Zabala's responses.

12.06.2017: "PHD candidate Leonardo Franceschini has received an Erasmus Plus Mobility Grant to research material for his thesis about the relations between racism and Western philosophy, as well as the peculiar effects of European colonialism in China at East China University of Political Science and Law (Shanghai) during Fall/Winter 2017-2018"


11.11.2016: A dossier on Vattimo in the Los Angeles Review of Books

15.06.2016: Special Issue of Philosophy Today. In Honor Of Gianni Vattimo's 80th Birthday

20.07.2016: Interview with Gianni Vattimo in La Vanguardia