Back 17/10/22: Inauguration of the exhibition “Discovering Joaquim Jordà”

17/10/22: Inauguration of the exhibition “Discovering Joaquim Jordà”

The "Discovering Joaquim Jordà" exhibition will be inaugurated in the Area Tallers Gallery, located in Poblenou Campus in UPF, next Monday, October 17th at 17h.



Next Monday 17th October, at 17h, the exhibition "Discover Joaquim Jordà” will be inaugurated in the Tallers Area Gallery of the Poblenou campus, dedicated to the filmmaker Joaquim Jordà (1935-2006), who was a professor in the Department of Communication of the UPF, specifically in the degree in Audiovisual Communication. The inauguration will be attended by Oriol Amat, rector of the UPF and Jordi Balló, director of the Communication Department of the UPF. 


Discover Joaquim Jordà presents the figure of Jordà for those people who are not familiar with his work, and highlights both his role as a filmmaker and his teaching task at the Pompeu Fabra University, favoring the rupturist instinct, surprise, counter-current thinking and a sense of humor. 

This is an initiative of the Joaquim Jordà Study Centre, led by professors Fran Benavente and Glòria Salvadó, attached to the UPF Communication Department, and carried out in collaboration with the Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) of Elisava. The exhibition consists of an exhibition at the Tallers Area Gallery on the Poblenou Campus and a film series at the Sala En Construcción, annexed to the exhibition space, which will take place between October and November.

"Discover Joaquim Jordà” starts from a previous exhibition organised by the City Council of Santa Coloma de Farners, hometown of Jordà, and is complemented with many new elements. Curated by professors Glòria Salvadó, Albert Elduque and Jordi Balló, it has counted with the participation of international students of Elisava, who have made a visual installation that underlines the importance of Jordà as a portrait artist through the faces of many of his characters. On the other hand, two audiovisual pieces explore Jordà’s legacy as a teacher: A class with Joaquim Jordà, by Nuria Cancela and Samantha da Silva Diefenthaeler, which delves into his teaching from his voice and his cinema; and Material Memoria, a series of pieces made by La Factoría de la UPF that collect memories and experiences from his students at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

A film cycle dedicated to his work

In parallel to the exhibition, in the Sala En Construcción in Area Tallers, you can see an exhibition with the main films of Jordà, programmed by Fran Benavente. The screenings will be open and free and will be presented by thinkers and filmmakers for whom the legacy of Jordà has been fundamental.

Programme of the cycle of screenings Discover Joaquim Jordà*


  • Wednesday 19 October

18.30h. El encargo del cazador (1990). 1h 30'

With the intervention of Mikel Gurrea (Filmmaker, director of Suro).


  • Wednesday 26 October

17.30h. De nens (2003). 3h 8'

With the intervention of Judit Carrera (Director of the CCCB).


  • Wednesday 2 November

18.30h. Mones com la Becky (1999). 1h 37'

With the intervention of Jordi Amat (Cultural journalist and writer).


  • Wednesday 9 November

18.30h. A cos al bosc (1995). 2h

With the intervention of Isa Campo (Screenwriter and filmmaker) and Núria Prims (Actress).


  • Wednesday 16 November

18.30h Numax presents... (1980). 1h 45'

With the intervention of Marina Garcés (Philosopher and writer).


  • Wednesday 23 November

18.30h. Més enllà del mirall (2006). 1h 55'

With the intervention of Eloy Fernández Porta (Writer and essayist).


  • Friday 25 November

18.30h. Twenty years is nothing (2004). 1h 57'

With the intervention of Luis López Carrasco (Filmmaker).


  • Wednesday 30 November

18.30h. Dante is not only severe (Joaquim Jordà, Jacinto Esteva, 1967). 1h 15'

With the intervention of Andrés Duque (Filmmaker).

*All sessions will be screened before a screening of the main session film.


A filmmaker with a clear political vision

Joaquim Jordà (Santa Coloma de Farners, 1935 - Barcelona, 2006) began in cinema in the context of the so-called Barcelona School, signing, together with Jacinto Esteva, one of his landmark works, Dante no es únicamente severo (1967). He then went into exile in Italy, where he made some militant films, and, once back in Spain, directed films such as Numax presenta... (1980), about the self-management experience of the Numax factory in Barcelona; El encargo del cazador (1990) dedicated to his friend Jacinto Esteva, and Un cuerpo en el bosque (1995), a fictional film about the Catalan rural world. At the end of the 90s, from the personal consequences of a stroke and his incorporation as a teacher at the Pompeu Fabra University, his career was oriented towards documentary essay, with key titles such as Mones com la Becky (co-directed with Nuria Villazán, 1999), De nens (2003), Veinte años no es nada (2005) and Más allá del espejo (2006). The first three were made in the context of the Master in Creative Documentary of the Pompeu Fabra University and served to share Jordà’s practice and his cinematographic commitment with younger filmmakers, such as Isaki Lacuesta, Laia Manresa and Carla Subirana, among others.



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