Vés enrere 31th January: “Ecofeminism and Green Humanities” by Gabriela Méndez

31th January: “Ecofeminism and Green Humanities” by Gabriela Méndez



“Ecofeminism and Green Humanities” bu Gabriela Méndez

31th January/ Mercè Rodoreda Auditorium. Ciutadella Campus 04-06pm


GABRIELA MÉNDEZ i s full-time faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México. She holds an MA and a PhD in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work has explored technoscientific controversies from some of the theoretical perspectives that inform cultural studies, such as deconstruction, post-Marxism and feminism. In 2011 she contributed an edited book on agriculture and the humanities to the online project Living Books About Life (OHP). Her first single-authored academic monograph, Disrupting Maize: Food, Biotechnology and Nationalism in Contemporary Mexico (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), focuses on the ethical challenges posed by corporate agricultural biotechnology to the Mexican national imaginary. In 2014 she fundraised for and subsequently led a collective artistic research project around quelites, or edible weeds that spontaneously grow in the Mesoamerican agroecological system called “milpa”. This project resulted in a web-based recipe book (www.enbuscadelqueliteperdido.com). She co-edits, with Rafico Ruiz, the journal Culture Machine, and coordinates the area of Critical Ecology at 17, Instituto de Estudios Críticos (www.17edu.org), where she recently organized a colloquium on critical theory and climate change (“Me extingo, luego pienso”). Her current research interests are queer theory, ecological thought and environmental violence in Mexico.



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