Entrevista Vicente Ortun. 27/04/2020

An overview of iatrogenesis with a certain distance. Barcelona's Medical Association. March 22nd 2018 (30 minutes).


The Welfare State in Catalonia/Spain. Third Congress of Economics and Business. College of Economists of Catalonia, May 3rd 2018 (71 minutes: from 33:58 to 1:44:50).


Pharmaceutical Industry and Health. Beatriz González López-Valcárcel and Vicente Ortún interviewed by Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso. Madrid: Fundación Juan March, December 14th 2015.

Pharmaceutical Industry and Health.


Links between health and development. Keynote address (conferencia magistral). World Health Organization, PAHO Regional Forum on Universal Health. Washington, December 7th and 8th 2015.


Life as a Dean. June 4th 2015 (9 minutes)

Calidad en Gestión Sanitaria. April 7th 2016 (51 minutes)


Impacte de la crisi en la salut i els serveis sanitaris. March 4th 2013 (54 minutes)


Research Center on Health and Economics. Feb 23rd 2010 (4 minutes)