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SignON sign language translation project - progress

Members of LaSTUS lab are working in coordination with an EU consortium, creating an accessible sign language translation app

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Here at LaSTUS lab, we are working as part of a 17-member EU-wide consortium on the SignON project. This project will provide a machine translation interface between signed and spoken languages, and is led by the deaf and hard of hearing community whose input steers the user experience.


Santiago Egea Gomez and Euan McGill, led by Prof. Horacio Saggion of LaSTUS lab, are working on leveraging the latest machine translation technology for translation between English, Spanish and Lengua de Señas Española (LSE). Elsewhere at UPF, the interactive technologies group (UPF-GTI) are developing the animation techology which will bring signed communication to life in the SignON app.


Current work from the consortium will be presented at key industry conferences in the near future, including the First International Workshop Automatic Translation for Sign and Verbal Languages (ATSVL2021), Machine Translation Summit 2021, and Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN2021). An overview poster presentation will be coming in September to the SEPLN conference with the title "SignON: Bridging the gap between Sign and Oral Languages".


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