Software developer

The Natural Language Processing Group (TALN) of the University Pompeu Fabra invites applications for the full-time position of a software developer. The selected candidate will join an interdisciplinary group of highly qualified researchers and engineers. He/she will be in charge of the development of tools (mainly in Java, but occasionally also in other programming languages such as Python or C++) in the context of various NLP tasks, including multilingual text analysis and generation, automatic summarization, machine translation, etc.


  • A degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering

  • Proven work experience in the development of software and libraries using Java

  • Proficiency using development tools such as IDEs, debuggers and profilers, version control software, maven or similar, etc.

  • Fluent English

Any of the following will be a plus:

  • Knowledge of natural language processing, artificial intelligence or linguistics.

  • NoSQL databases and Linked Data.

  • Web services, javascript and html5

  • Experience with other programming languages than Java

  • Machine learning


We offer an extendable 1-year contract with flexible hours. Salary will be negotiated based on experience.





[email protected]