The TALN group is committed to quality. We aim to be a group that companies can rely on. Even if a scientific group is not managed as a factory, we work to ensure high quality outputs in order to be able to be at the cutting edge of research and technology development to continue growing. 

The gorup has the obtained the TECNIO quality acreditation


The quality management system is implented in our intranet:

Mission : To improve the communication between humans and computers using natural language technologies

Vision: To become one of the world leading research institutions in the field of Natural Language Processing for a representative set of European languages, in both directions: analysis of written and spoken material and its generation. Offer to the community high quality tools with broad coverage for the analysis, generation and summarization of natural language.

Values: Perform rigorous and high quality research that brings added value to the society by means of technology transfer and training of researchers.

tecnio quality certificate